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Cold-Pressed Cannabinoids 🇺🇸

Cold-Pressed Cannabinoids launches in the USA!

After having seen demand rise in the US for our delicious, vegan CBD gummy bears we have packed our bags and moved stateside. We will be based just outside of LA but operating throughout all 50 states and cant wait to spread the chill!

Our product offering will grow to match that of the UK and we will continue to wave the flag for ‘Universal Acceptance of the Plant’. 

We believe that the whole of the cannabis plant is good for you, all down to the roots. Hemp was one of the first plants domesticated by humans and it has a long tradition of being used to help us relax and restore balance.

As CBD (cannabidiol) moves from legal to essential throughout the USA, we want to ensure that the product is getting into the hands of anyone who can benefit from it. It is our mission to destigmatize cannabis and everything we do always has this in mind.

We also pledge to protect our planet, ensuring that we do what we can to create recyclable packaging and identifying ways in which we can do more. We take our responsibility to be environmental stewards seriously!

cold-pressed gift box

We have built a creative and passionate community in the UK to help drive our mission for ‘Universal Acceptance of the Plant’ and look forward to reaching out to as many of you reading this as possible.

Stay Chill ✌️🇺🇸

Team CP x

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