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U-turn needed from the International Olympic Committee

We know that cannabis enhances many things; creativity, relaxation etc but its certainly not going to enhance the performance of a 100m sprinter!

Thats what makes the WADA’s (World Anti-Doping Agency) decision to include THC in  their list of banned substances so bazaar. Especially given the (newly reformed) legal status of cannabis across almost all US states.

Last week, the International Olympic Committee banned Sha’Carri Richardson (currently the fastest 100m female sprinter in team USA) for 30-days after she tested positive for THC. Sha’Carri was informed of her biological mothers death from a reporter she had never met and she managed this distress through self-medicating with cannabis. Her heart wrenching explanation reads as follows;

credit: youtube

“I was just thinking it would be a normal interview and then on the interview to hear that information come from a complete stranger, it was definitely triggering, it was nerve shocking because it’s like who are you to tell me that?

“From there just blinded by emotions, blinded by bad news, blinded by just hiding hurt, honestly for the fact that I can’t hide myself, so at least in some type of way, I was trying to hide my pain.”

“Don’t judge me, because I am human. I’m you,” she said. “I just happen to run a little faster.”

President Biden’s comments should go some way to support a U-turn and although Biden can’t change sports doping rules, he could help change US law.

“The rules are the rules,” President Biden said on Saturday, “Whether they should remain the rules is a different issue.”

The overwhelming support form the general public for Sha’Carri really does show that change is coming! Now is the time to really get behind the Universal Acceptance for the Plant!

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